African Sustainable Development Advisors


African Sustainable Development Advisors
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African Sustainable Development Advisors Inc.

About Us

We are an advisory group of talented experts with experience and knowledge of the African landscape working and providing services to our clients to help enhance capacity building initiatives and strengthen systems of African national, local organizations and Governments bodies to deliver quality and sustainable development programs through innovative approaches.

Our Vision

We envisage an Africa where national and local development organizations and Government bodies are well equipped to effectively implement real sustainable development programs in line with global mandates for more equity and dignity.

What We Do?

  • We provide consulting services;
  • We help mobilize financial resources from a wide range of donors;
  • We help strengthen capacity and transfer knowledge to local implementing partners;
  • We propose and share new ideas and innovative solutions based on our deep understanding of the local realities and context;
  • We monitor & evaluate local implementing partners’ work on a range of development projects in Africa, including, but not limited to: Global Health, Gender equity and Equality, Education, Child protection, women and youth economic empowerment, social enterprise, environment;
  • We assist with strategic planning, policy development, proposal development, project management and implementation plan;
  • We engage in true partnership with countries.

Our Core Values

  • The African continent is a land of tremendous
  • opportunities despite the many challenges. As such, we believe in:
  • Equitability: bridging the gap for a more equitable world based on our Canadian and African experience.
  • Innovation: unlocking the potential of the local Change Agents.
  • Empowering: building and transferring knowledge and capacity -a key to true development.
  • Relationship building: strengthening the link between donors and country recipients for greater local ownership.

Afrisda, Inc. as Intermediary

  • Technical Assistance to African states on development issues (global and national);
  • Support African organisations and governments in development and submission of RFPs;
  • Technical assistance at design and implementation stage as required;
  • Identification of potential investors in innovative sectors;
  • Support the States and/or national partners in the negotiation of markets (Businesses);
  • Assist investors in the implementation, start-up and follow-up of projects (depending on the sector and needs).

How We Do That?

  • By connecting directly with our advisors in the country and regions (Central, Eastern, Western and Southern Africa)
  • By mapping and reviewing business opportunities in countries By bridging local partners, government agencies and investors
  • By scanning potential donors and their area of interest.


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Toronto, M1K 2N4, ON, Canada
• Ph: (416) 419-2978
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