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Black Lives Matter Rally

Black Lives Matter Rally

Black Lives Matter Rally

African Canadian Social Development Councils Historic "BLACK LIVES MATTER" RALLY
By: Solomon Kobina Aremu
Historic "Black Lives Matter" Rally
Rally Supporter
Never in the history of the Canada has so many groups and associations representing the African continent and Black people came together under a single umbrella for a cause as happened at the "Blacks Lives Matter" rally held at the forecourt of the City Hall in downtown Toronto in August this year.

The event, organized by the African Canadian Social Development Council (ACSDC) brought together over 82 associations and groups representing nations, ethnic groups, businesses, cultural organizations, youth groups and various other associations linked to the African motherland and the Caribbean nations to protest systemic racism in Canada, the USA and rest of the world.

Welcoming participants to the event, the president of ACSDC, Nene Kabu Asante said they decided to organize the rally to erase wrong impressions that Black people from the African continent don't care about systemic racism. "We care deeply about whatever impacts us. Both negatively and positively, and we act."

The President puts the blame on the three levels of government, the federal, provincial and local authorities for not doing enough to address the issue. "Why would the authorities spend billions of dollars on policing but very little on issues that directly impacts us. It is about misplaced priorities and we are demanding an end to it. Black lives matter".

Quoting Peter Tosh, " Don't care where you come from, as long as you are Black you are an African", Mr. Asante used the opportunity to reach out to all Blacks and people of African descent from all corners of the world especially the Caribbean that the ACSDC was an all-inclusive group and welcomed all to work together.


ACSDC President Kabu Asante

The African-Canadian Social Development Council (ACSDC) is a non-for-profit organization based in Toronto. ACSDC is the umbrella organization for all African-Canadian community agencies and African-Canadian cultural organizations that provide services to the African-Community in Ontario.

ACSDC was registered in 2002 with a current membership of eighty-seven(87) organizations.


A) Research
B) Advocacy
C) Education
D) Relief Aid Services
E) Community Development

We have full-time staff and we are located at:

4250 Weston Road, Suite 202
Toronto, ON M9L 1W9
Tel: (416) 532-2273
Fax: (416) 740-4652

Mr. Kabu Asante

As the President of ACSDC I welcome all our members, Friends, Funders and the entire African Community to this first edition of our quarterly newsletter, “The African Talking Drums”.

Each quarter we will update you on the news, events and activities within our community while at the same time discuss current issues that are of concern to our mem­berships.

There is no doubt that the past few years have been tenuous and very challenging. ACSDC has weathered the storm despite a funding cut. The council has survived and is in a much stronger position to enable it serve its members better than ever before. Within the last two years membership has grown to over eighty-five agencies strong. For the first time we have very active French community members on the council, this has necessitated the need for the ACSDC to be bilingual in all our communications.

Covid-19 had added to the challenges faced by our com­munity. As the most marginalized community, not only are we under-funded, the last to be funded, allocated the least amount but also the first to be defunded.

This is a clear illustration of Systemic and Anti­ Black/African Racism emanating from all, three levels of the Canadian Government. It is time for the African­ Canadian Community’s to stand up and demand for an equitable society unhindered by unscrupulous bureau­cracies.

Beginning March 2021, ACSDC will launch its One­ million- dollars ($1,000,000.00) fundraising drive. More information will be available in our next issue of the newsletter. In the interim, some of our goals is to create a financially stable council that will insulate us from gov­ernment shortfalls when it does arises and to support members working at the grassroots level.I I encourage members of our community to let’s keep the faith and never allow our dream for a just society to perish.

Stay safe and keep the faith.


Solomon Kobina Aremu
Solomon Kobina AremuSolomon Kobina Aremu was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa. After completing secondary school, he moved to Nigeria where he studied at the University of Ibadan, completing his BA-Philosophy in 1990.

Following his degree, Solomon worked for Sketch Press Ltd, a group of newspapers at the forefront in the fight to restore democracy in Nigeria after a military dictatorship annulled the June 12th 1993 presidential election. With Sketch Press offices shut and guarded by heavily armed soldiers, its newspapers went underground, publishing from secret locations until it was no longer sustainable.

Solomon returned to Ghana and continued working as a print journalist and in public relations, managing the P.R. account of Guinness Ghana Breweries Ltd., before relocating to Toronto, Ontario, where he now resides.

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"Blacks Lives Matter Rally" held at the forecourt of the City Hall in downtown Toronto.


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