Groupe Artisanal Feminin Francophone GAFFO is a non-profit arts organization, founded in March 2000 in Toronto. A multidisciplinary group that combines various forms of craft creations: manufacture of art objects.

The main goal is to help women to take care of themselves. Since its creation, we offer services to promote the development and craft creation as well as the professional reintegration of women. GAFFO fulfills its mission through labor market programs, through training programs that are geared toward the manufacture of art objects. It gives advice on the level of employability and skills development. GAFFO is an urban trainer. We organize workshops on women’s economic development. We work with schools to help students develop and raise their self-esteem.

The Gaffo also offers workshops for the youngest and teenagers as extra-curricular activities. We work closely with women who are victims of violence; we support them by encouraging them to regain self-confidence and gradually return to the labor market. Most immigrant women have a concept of sewing, braiding, and advanced cooking. The services, therefore, enable women to promote their expertise, involve them in the creation of handicrafts, and thus contribute to the promotion of African-Canadian art and culture, and enhance the value of cultural heritage.

• Lead Person: Felicity Dibi -ED


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