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The Arab Community Centre of Toronto (ACCT)

is a non-for-profit organization with charitable status, and is non-political and non-sectarian. The ACCT is proud to be a focal point for all Arab and non-Arab communities in which they can find an outlet for settlement and social services.


ACCT Dima Amed -ED

– Dima Amed, ED


Who You Are as an Organization?

We are a non-for-profit, non-political and non-sectarian organization with charitable status. The ACCT is proud to be a focal point for all Arab and non-Arab communities to find an outlet for settlement and social services.

In the early years following its inception, as its name suggests, it served Arab Canadians in our community. Being the non-sectarian organization that it is, ACCT has expanded its services to those of all heritage, religious and ethnic backgrounds over the years to reflect the growing diversity among our newcomers.

As a not-for-profit organization, ACCT strives for equity and inclusivity in its delivery of settlement and social services for newcomers through socially-just means. It also provides employment services, support groups, information sessions, translation, interpretation, transportation, and various classes, among many others, to empower immigrants to become self-sufficient, productive, and contributing members of society. This support continues even after the individuals they serve become Canadian citizens, which reinforces their strong commitment to accountability.

To support newcomers in obtaining citizenship and integrating into Canadian society, ACCT provides citizenship test preparation classes on an ongoing weekly basis, as well as classes to help individuals improve their English proficiency

Due to the growing needs of vibrant communities for settlement and social services, ACCT expanded its outreach and services in the past two years to include more than 10,718 newcomers of all ethnic and religious backgrounds (47.5% of whom are females).


When were you established?

The Arab Community Centre of Toronto (ACCT) was established in 1972 and became a non-for-profit organization in 1974.


Mission and Vision?

We envision a healthy, equitable, inclusive, and welcoming society that works together to engage with and integrate newcomers and other community members into the Canadian lifestyle. Our mission is to empower individuals, families, and communities to lead informed, productive lives. As a non-profit model of excellence, we honour our Arab Canadian heritage through community building and service to those in need of every heritage.


The Members of Your Organization and The Community You Serve.

ACCT is a very diverse community within itself. We have various geographic and ethnicities and a well-balanced gender equality team. We keep utterly transparent team ethics and support each other with our ability to wear multiple hats simultaneously. The ACCT’s team reflects the community we serve, thus allowing us to serve large, diverse cultures/ communities.


Programs and Services.

The ACCT is proud to assist newcomers (families and individuals) in their settlement and integration journey into their new life in Canada. Every year, we work on forecasting their needs and come up with a number of programs that is wholesome from targeting their basics needs of settlement, building skills such as digital literacy, raising awareness of mental health and wellbeing, and developing skills and knowledge on the Canadian job market, how to find a job and build their professional profile. In addition, some of the other programs the ACCT runs:



Focuses on building and growing Youths’ leadership and art-Made by Me YOUmation



Empowering women and building Amal Project Josoor Project Windows to the Soul



Aim to bring together the newcomers with long-time Canadian and build new friendships. In addition, the ACCT is proud to collaborate with several community partners.


These partnerships we make are founded on our shared values and responsibilities.


• Lead Person: Dima Amed – ED


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