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Abeingo Association Canada
Excerpt: Abeingo Association of Canada (Abeingo) is an Ontario-based not for profit, non-political and non-denominational membership association that seeks to empower members economically through social support.
Lead Person: Edith Wambayi-ED
African Canadian Seniors Group
Lead Person: Josiah Idowu
AfriCanadian Mediation & Community Services
Excerpt: Conflict and resolution services for all kinds of disputes. A positive alternative to litigation.
Lead Person: Robin Edo (Program Coordinator)
Africans in Partnership Against Aids (APAA)
Excerpt: Africans in Partnership Against AIDS (APAA), is a community-based, Canadian non-profit charitable organization serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
Lead Person: Fanta Ongoiba -ED
Arab Community Centre
Excerpt: The Arab Community Centre of Toronto (ACCT) is a non-for-profit organization with charitable status, and is non-political and non-sectarian. The ACCT is proud to be a focal point for all Arab and non-Arab communities in which they can find an outlet for settlement and social services.
Lead Person: Huda Bukari - ED
Centre Francophone de Toronto
Excerpt: The Centre francophone de Toronto is a non-profit organization that serves, first and foremost, as the main entry point for Francophones who live or plan to settle in Toronto
Lead Person: Christophe Kapanga Mutonji -(Legal Worker & Settlement Director)
Dejinta Beesha (Somali Multi Service Centre)
Excerpt: N/A
Lead Person: Mohammed Gilao -ED
Early Childhood Development Initiative (ECDI)
Excerpt: Early Childhood Development Initiative is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting optimal early childhood development in West Africa.
Lead Person: Patricia Falope
Eritrean Canadian Community Centre
Excerpt: Open to all * focus on Eritrean or east African community immigrants and newcomers, including refugees, seniors and youth
Lead Person: Petros Teklu
Ethiopian Association (Toronto)
Excerpt: Ethiopian Association in the Greater Toronto Area and Surrounding Regions is a non-political, non-profit, independent, community-based organization that provides settlement and social services to people of Ethiopian origin and others since November 1980.
Lead Person: Retta Alemayehu
Ewe Canadian Cultural Association of Ontario
Excerpt: The Ewe people inhabit the Volta Region of Ghana and the southern halves of Togo and Benin in West Africa. The Ewe Canadian Cultural Organization of Ontario (ECCOO) a non-profit organization was founded in 1993 and incorporated in August of 1994.
Gambian Canadian Cultural Organization
Excerpt: The Gambian Canadian Cultural Association of Toronto is a non-profit organization formed to unite all Gambian residents in Toronto.
Lead Person: Lamin Omar Conteh, Bala Fatty
Ghanaian Canadian Association of Toronto
Excerpt: The Ghanaian-Canadian Association of Ontario (GCAO), often referred to as Ghana Union, is non-profit umbrella organization for all Ghanaian-Canadian individuals, religious, professionals, cultural associations, and community organizations...
Lead Person: E. Duodu
Groupe Artisanal Feminin Francophone
Excerpt: GAFFO is a non-profit arts organization, founded in March 2000 in Toronto. A multidisciplinary group that combines various forms of craft creations: manufacture of art objects.
Lead Person: Felicity Dibi-ED
Heritage Skills Development Centre
Excerpt: Heritage Skills Development Centre (HSDC) is a grassroots non-profit organization that was established in 1993.
Lead Person: Charity Lebeanya -ED
Le Regroupement des Femmes Immigrantes Francophones
Excerpt: The Regroupement des Femmes Immigrantes Francophones (REFIF) is the organization par excellence of Francophone immigrant women throughout the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding areas. 
Lead Person: Yvonne Kabeya - ED
Midaynta Association of Somali Service Agencies
Excerpt: N/A
Lead Person: Mahad Yusuf -ED
Mozambican Community Centre
Excerpt: To help African community and others to overcome poverty and integrate in the Canadian society
Lead Person: Ignacio Natividade-ED
Nigerian Canadian Association
Excerpt: Nigerian Canadian Association is a non-profit community based organization that is committed to addressing the integration, education, health, housing, social services, culture, and economic development needs of of Nigerian Canadians and other immigrants in Canada, through programs services and advocacy.
Lead Person: Chidi Nwanyanwu
Ogaden Somali Community Association of Etobicoke
Excerpt: Ogaden Somali Community Association of Ontario was established to provide (in Canada) educational counseling and relief of poverty service for refugees and needy (poor) immigrants from Ogaden Somali through programs of language instruction, employment training programs to relieve poverty, and resettlement programs.
Lead Person: Mohammed Hassan -ED
Pamoja Initiative
Lead Person: Florence Muleza- ED
Sickle Cell Awareness Group, ON
Excerpt: The Sickle Cell Awareness Group of Ontario also known as SCAGO started as Seed of Life Philanthropic Organization (SOLPO) in memory of a brave young man- Sunday Afolabi on June 14th, 2005.
Lead Person: Lanre Tunji Ajayi ED
Somali Canadian Association of Etobicoke
Lead Person: Osman Ali (Project Coordinator)
Somali Canadian Community Association of Ontario
Excerpt: The Somali Canadian Association of Etobicoke (SCAE) is a non-profit community based organization established in 1987.
Lead Person: Abdul Kadir Abow -ED
  • Kenyan Canadian Association of Ontario – Contact: Ephraim Mwaura, President (647 706 3604)
  • Uganda Canadian Association of Ontario –  Contact: Richard Yekka
  • Tanzanian Canadian Association – Contact: Ephat Andrew Matemiba 124 Merton St. #304 Toronto, ON (416 137 5309)
  • Alliance of Cameroonians In Toronto – Contact: Nicem Daniel (647 470 0914)
  • Cultural Association of Togolese of Ontario – Contact: Max Zoumari) 27 Glenhurst Avenue Toronto (647 556 3862)
  • Association De la Communaute Ivoirienee – Contact: Justin Djedjc 254 John Garland Blvd. #146 Etobicoke, ON (416 710 8394)
  • Congolese Association of Ontario – Contact: Jeanine Maditulu (647 228 0653/647 760 4250)
  • Ewe Canadian Cultural Organization of Ontario (ECCOO) – Contact: Anthony (416 893 8745)
  • Association De la Communaute Burkinabe-Toronto (Contact:……..)
  • Liberian Association of Canada 102-162 King William St. Hamilton, ON  L8R 3N9
  • Zimbabwe Canadian Support Group Toronto, ON
  • South-African Community of Ontario – Contact: Yacoob Bayat 555 The West Mall, Toronto, ON (416 878 6716)
  • Uzima Women Relief Group – Contact: Jacobet Edith Wambayi 108 Corporate Drive, #15 Toronto, ON (647 721 6823)
  • Endless Possibilities Contact: Anna Aidoo, E.D. (647 293 2658)
  • Global Community Foundation – Contact: Esther Simon (647 712 7557/647 997 6660)
  • Overcomers Community Development Center – Contact: Rev. Dr. Charles Joseph Brampton, ON