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Data is Key to Advancement

Data is Key to Advancement

ACSDC Newsletter - Volume 1 Issue 3

Data is Key to Advancement

"Data Is Key To Advancement" - Nation Cheong
By: Solomon Kobina Aremu
Nation Cheong - Vice-President

Vice-President United Way
(Community Opportunities and Mobilization)

Leaders of the Black/African communities have been urged to put the gathering and dissemination of data at the forefront of all plans and strategies as we move forward as a community to advance our common goals. The Vice President, Community Opportunities and Mobilization, United Way Greater Toronto, Nation Cheong made the call while delivering the keynote address at the Annual General Meeting of the African Canadian Social Development Council {ACSDC) held on November 13 at the Mozia Women's Network Society Hall in Toronto.

"Data is ruling the world. We have to build the evidence, gather the facts and data that puts the numbers behind the story as we present our case to be heard", Mr. Cheong said.


Kabu Asante - ACSDC President

The African-Canadian Social Development Council (ACSDC) is a non-for-profit organization based in Toronto. ACSDC is the umbrella organization for all African-Canadian community agencies and African-Canadian cultural organizations that provide services to the African-Community in Ontario.

ACSDC was registered in 2002 with a current membership of eighty-seven(87) organizations.


A) Research
B) Advocacy
C) Education
D) Relief Aid Services
E) Community Development

We have full-time staff and we are located at:

4250 Weston Road, Suite 202
Toronto, ON M9L 1W9
Tel: (416) 532-2273
Fax: (416) 740-4652

Mr. Kabu Asante

The years 2021 and 2020 witnessed a period of setbacks in the African-Canadian community. Many of the challenges the community faced prior to the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic like, food insecurity, mental health, underemployment, housing and lslam­ophobia, among others, are still with us today. Sadly to say, the situation has not improved. I would dare to say it seems the situation has rather deteriorated. A major cause for concern is the continual underfund­ ing of our community by the various levels of the gov­ernment.

In welcoming the year 2022 let’s make it our task as community leaders to present a united front to combat the systemic barriers that has resulted in such things like underfunding and underrepresentation. We have to fight the good fight, march forward with courage and determination and surely we’ll sail through the strong winds blowing our way.

With the year almost close to an end I would like to sincerely acknowledge the following persons for their sacrificial work which in many ways has helped tremendously in bringing the Council this far. Please join me in giving a shout-out to:

  • Madam Jamila Aman
  • Yabit Francois
  • Mahad Yusuf
  • Vivian Yorrick
  • Bukola Adegbite
  • Solomon Aremu (Editor, Talking Drum)
  • Patrick Agyekum (volunteer)
  • Rose Mensah (Creativity/Design).

Happy holidays to you all and may the New Year usher in excellent health, abundant joy and lasting peace to all.


Solomon Kobina Aremu
Solomon Kobina AremuSolomon Kobina Aremu was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa. After completing secondary school, he moved to Nigeria where he studied at the University of Ibadan, completing his BA-Philosophy in 1990.

Following his degree, Solomon worked for Sketch Press Ltd, a group of newspapers at the forefront in the fight to restore democracy in Nigeria after a military dictatorship annulled the June 12th 1993 presidential election. With Sketch Press offices shut and guarded by heavily armed soldiers, its newspapers went underground, publishing from secret locations until it was no longer sustainable.

Solomon returned to Ghana and continued working as a print journalist and in public relations, managing the P.R. account of Guinness Ghana Breweries Ltd., before relocating to Toronto, Ontario, where he now resides.

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“Data Is Key To Advancement” – Nation Cheong.


ACSDC Newsletter - Volume 1 Issue 3
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